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NOTE: You may not find an abolitionist organization on your individual state page at this time. As this website is being launched, so too is the Norman Statement being released. The lack of organization on your state page may be from the true lack of abolitionist organizations in your state or because they have not yet signed the Norman Statement. Feel free to reach out to them and ask them to sign, so that we can advertise them on this website!

“Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression,”

Isaiah 10:1

“but the people

who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”

Daniel 11:32


From introducing bills to abolish abortion in 17 states, to abolitionist resolutions being affirmed by some of the largest Christian denominations, to abolitionists all over the country organizing and mobilizing, the Abolitionist Movement is picking up momentum - and national headlines - at a pace that would have seemed impossible only a few short years ago. Abolitionists are rising!

Former Oklahoma State Senator Joseph Silk's words from the 2020 Abolition Day rally are coming true:

"When I was first elected, somebody told me, 'Be careful, because culture and politics change very, very slowly. It's like molasses running across a table.' Which is typically the case except for this movement. It is absolutely not slow and it's spreading like complete wildfire across the nation. A movement like this will not slow down and it actually cannot be stopped. It's going to continue until it has completed what it set out to do. Abortion will be criminalized. It's only a matter of time."

For many, abolitionism's rise will beg the question: what exactly is abolitionism? Some may not yet have encountered abolitionism, many misunderstand the ideology based on straw men set up by opponents, and still others may not realize how theologically rich and historically informed abolitionism is.

Put simply, abolitionism is the doctrine that answers the question: how does the bride of Christ address and combat great societal evils?

The Norman Statement is a declaration of the essential distinctives of how the Abolitionist Movement combats abortion and the culture of death. As members of the Abolitionists Rising coalition, co-signers of this statement affirm the following foundational tenets and applications of abolitionism.



make yourself

visible for those

who are not visible

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child sacrifice in America today

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