Abolitionists Rising...

...exists to spread abolitionist ideas and support abolitionist organizations, projects, and legislation. our goals are the abolition of abortion, the repentance of the nation, and the glorification of God.

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We spread abolitionist ideas through the creation and dissemination of digital content and print materials which destroy misinformation and lofty arguments raised against the knowledge of God. Click here to go to our store!

We support abolitionist organizations by promoting them on this website. It is our hope that every visitor clicks on our interactive map and gets plugged in to the abolitionist organization nearest them. Click here to go to our interactive map

We support abolitionist legislation through action alerts on the interactive map which instruct people how to support abolitionist bills around the country. We also support abolitionist legislation by growing the Abolitionist Movement.

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Thus, the glory of God and obedience to Him is the first priority of the Abolitionist Movement. No goal, no matter how righteous, must ever supplant our chief desire for God to be glorified.

We seek to abolish abortion totally and immediately. We do not call for incremental legislation that regulates the who, what, when, where, and why of legal abortion. We call for abolitionist legislation that makes preborn children equal under law and criminalizes abortion as murder.

We call the nation to repentance because repentance is the only solution to sin. Repentance is the only way out of the depravity and insanity that the United States has descended to. In a nation that hates and murders its own children, nothing short of repentance, revival, and wholesale reformation will do.

Abolitionists Rising is not part of the Pro-Life Movement. We are separate from the Pro-Life Movement in theology, tactics, and goals. To learn more, click the button below!