We, as an abolitionist organization, agree with the pro-life position that abortion is bad, but further, we believe that abortion is murder and that it ought to be completely abolished as murder in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

While many who call themselves pro-life agree with us that abortion is murder, abortion has not been opposed by the Pro-Life Movement in a manner consistent with its being murder. The root of this difference between the Abolitionist Movement and Pro-Life Movement is theological.

Abolitionists Are:

• Gospel-Centered

• Providential

• Church-Driven

• Biblical

• Uncompromising

The Pro-Life Movement is:

• Secular

• Worldly wise


• Compromising

These foundations are the key to the difference between the Abolitionist Movement and the Pro-Life Movement. This presentation from abolitionist pastor Dusty Deevers explains well abolitionist theological foundations:

While these differences are theological at their root, unbiblical beliefs lead to unbiblical actions. Because of the pro-life leaders’ unbiblical theological commitments, their political actions are often heinously unbiblical. For example, the vast majority of the pro-life leaders actively oppose legislation to immediately abolish abortion. 76 pro-life groups signed an open letter which killed the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act.

In addition to opposing justice, many pro-life leaders also promote injustice. As a particularly egregious example, National Right to Life VP Tony Lauinger is behind legislation to add rape and incest exceptions for abortion into Oklahoma State law.

Add all of this up, and what you get is a Pro-Life Establishment that calls good evil and evil good; a Pro-Life Establishment that is the primary impediment to the abolition of abortion in many states. Accordingly, it is necessary for Christians to come out from among them and become abolitionists.

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