Make Abortion Illegal

in the United States!

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Overturning Roe v. Wade did not abolish abortion. Traditional methods of murdering preborn children are still legal in most states and self-managed abortion is still occurring in EVERY state in the Union.

Abortion is MURDER. It is the intentional, unjust killing of an innocent human being. It must be abolished, not regulated.

It is the duty of the United States government to protect the inalienable rights to life and equal protection of the law for all human beings, and to outlaw the murder of preborn humans.


The President of the United States must issue an executive order in accordance with the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution directing all federal agencies under his command to treat preborn human beings as people who must be provided the equal protection of the law.

Congress must pass legislation abolishing abortion as murder by explicitly providing preborn children the equal protection of the laws throughout the United States.

Federal courts must rightly interpret and apply the U.S. Constitution by ruling that preborn children are people for purposes of the 14th amendment, and that they must be provided the equal protection of the law.

While the 14th amendment--rightly understood and applied--prohibits abortion and is all the justification that current governing officials need to abolish abortion, the U.S. Constitution should be amended to clearly and explicitly abolish abortion in the United States based on a recognition of the objective truth that human life begins at conception/fertilization.

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