Kevin Stitt Comes Out Against Dusty Deevers’ Abolition of Abortion Act

At his Friday morning press conference, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt was asked by Haley Weger of KWTV News whether he would sign the Abolition of Abortion Act if it made it to his desk. His response:

"You know that's something that I don't even want to get in to. No. We want to be a very pro-family state. A pro-life state. We want to support mothers. We want to support children. So, specifics on any bills that are just still being talked about -- I think think there are 3,000 bills that are filed every year. I don't even know who did it. You're telling me all this information, but from what you said, that doesn't sound like something I'd be supporting."

Because of the pro-life dogma that women must never be prosecuted for abortion, Oklahoma's pro-life laws are written not to apply to mothers. This means they are not prohibited from ordering abortion pills online and managing their own abortions. Simply put, refusal to prosecute women for abortion means that self-managed abortion is legal.

We ordered abortion pills to our office in Norman, OK to find out about the process. It is shockingly easy.

Given how easy it is, it isn't surprising that self-managed abortion has skyrocketed in popularity. Recent research indicated that the self-managed abortion rate in Oklahoma and other pro-life states that have outlawed abortions performed in abortion clinics is at least 80 percent of pre-Roe levels.

Not only does Stitt support these abortions remaining legal, he does so in the name of being pro-family and pro-life! And he's not wrong. For instance, 76 of the leading pro-life organizations signed a joint open letter to all state lawmakers in the U.S. saying that any bill which would make self-managed abortion a crime is not pro-life and that legislators should oppose it. That is the pro-life position. "Pro-family" and "pro-life" have become empty, moderate conservative buzzwords that serve as political cover for compromisers. Responding with repulsion to politicians claiming to be pro-life, rather than abolitionist, is the solution.

To further illustrate the delusive pro-life political games, consider that just yesterday, Stitt spoke at Rose Day, the state's annual pro-life celebration. He touted the legislation he signed that supposedly abolished abortion in Oklahoma. "It’s Rose Day the Capitol, a day dedicated to supporting the lives of the unborn. Oklahoma was the first state to ban abortion from the moment of conception," Stitt posted on X. "It’s because I promised to sign every piece of pro-life legislation that hit my desk— and I proudly delivered."

Rose Day isn't the only place Stitt has been celebrated for supposedly banning abortion. Live Action named Stitt their "Life Awardee" of the year in September.

The pro-life label. The awards. The celebrations. It's all a cover, and preborn children will be continue to slaughtered until enough voters see through the cover, stop supporting pro-lifers like Kevin Stitt, and start supporting abolitionists like Dusty Deevers and Warren Hamilton.

In the meantime, please call Governor Kevin Stitt at (405) 521-2342 (extension 0) to let him know that:

  • You support the Abolition of Abortion Act and are disappointed that he spoke against it at his press conference this morning.
  • According to recent research, roughly 4,000 babies are being murdered annually in OK by self-managed abortions. The abolition act is the only bill that would address this problem.
  • He needs to meet with Senators Dusty Deevers to talk through the problem of self-managed abortion and equal protection under the law.

UPDATE: Governor Stitt's office has turned off his voicemail for the weekend. The line will open back up at 8AM on Monday. Please call Monday morning. If you live in Oklahoma, you can also leave a message for the governor at his contact form. Wherever you live, please share this article to get the word out about self-managed abortion and Kevin Stitt's stand against abolition.



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